After an abysmal third round that saw the Wright family strike three incorrect answers in a row, Nana Val shocked us all by returning a coherent and well thought out answer to the difficult question the Carter family faced.

“I thought we were gone!”

Team leader and son of Nana in question, George Carter was at a complete loss to the question “Name someone who drives for a living” after the options chauffeur, taxi driver, courier, train operator, delivery man and truck driver had already been guessed.

“When lil Grant asked her what she thought it was going to be, I was thinking she was going to say pilot or cyclist or Eskimo but she really pulled it out for us!”

After a tentative moment of internal deliberation, Nana Val drew an admirable response from the audience by answering “Ambulance driver.”

Weighing the options, (uber driver, pizza guy and ambulance driver) team leader George Carter bit the bullet and went with Nana’s answer.

“Survey says…7 points! Carter family is going through!”

Following the victory in the third round, Nana Val released the following statement.

“Huge thank you to the Wright family, you played really well, youse are all champions and you’ve done yourself proud [sic]. To my team I couldn’t be happier, I’m proud of each and every one of you. Now we’ve got to look ahead to the lightning round and see what we can do there. Thanks.”


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