A Murri household in Brisbane is today coming to terms with the fact that their uncle from Charleville will actually pour Worcestershire sauce over anything served on a plate.

After a week of reunions and surprise visitors over Christmas, the Gayton family are now left with the stragglers, including the the relatives that made the distance from way out bush.

One of them is their slow-speaking uncle Hal who usually lives out near the Warrego river, but is gonna stick around for a couple more days to catch up with some old mates in the city.

While the family navigate their way through the leftovers, it becomes evident that there’s not many meals that uncle Hal won’t lather in Holbrooks Worcestershire sauce.

Like many stockmen, Hal’s love for the bitter fermented liquid condiment is much greater than his cousins in the city, who usually only put it on eggs and bacon.

“Goes great with that leftover ham and potatoes” he says.

“I like to put a bit on my weet-bix in the morning, too”

As the night wears on, Hal even brings out his own bottle that he carries with him – after emptying the Gayton pantry – but no one could have imagined what he was about to do next.

The children gasp in shock as Hal pours Holbrooks onto his dessert of kiwi fruit and strawberry with a pavlova meringue.

“Oh thats good stuff” he says.

“Really brings out the fruit and jam”

While every one watches the old fella chow his way through a dessert covered in vinegar and molasses, Hal asks his nephews if they have any Saxa salt, because he reckons thats just what this meal needs.


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