A friend who arrived wildly unprepared at a shared campsite for a popular East Coast music festival does not appear to be apologetic about the game of musical chairs he has created.

It seems good mate, Jase Tidwell (27) has only made sure to bring hard liquor and other non-permitted goodies through the gates this year, as his Hyundai Getz is showing no signs of an esky or picnic chair.

“Oi I bought some sausages on the way into town, and some bread” he says while smoking a cigarette and relaxing in a brand new BCF fishing chair that doesn’t belong to him.

“Was gonna get a hot chook but didn’t think there’d be anywhere to keep it”

Close friend, Anna, says Jase doesn’t even realise when someone who bought a chair is forced to sit on the ground, and all he needed to do was bring a milk crate or something.

“People come back from the bathrooms and have to try and sit on the front of a car” she says.

“Jase actually appears to be sitting down more than anyone else here”

With talk of pre-drinks before heading into the actual grounds, Jase appears to be pushing towards making a massive punch, where everyone pours a bit of grog in each.




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