A local rebellious teenager who hates everything is secretly super stoked at getting a brand new Cluedo for Chrissy this year, The Betoota Advocate can reveal.

In an undercover investigation conducted by one of our reporters, it was confirmed that Mandy Thompson, 17, was only pretending that she hates Christmas and her family, and was privately absolutely chuffed that nan got her the exact version of Cluedo she had been hoping for.

“Obviously, this stays between us” said Mandy to our reporter. “But this actually exactly what I wanted. Don’t tell everyone though, I have an reputation to maintain”

“It was Colonel Nanna in the living room with the hammer! She murdered this Christmas present”

Mandy has spent most of the Christmas period cultivating a very delicate image of an apathetic teenager who hates Christmas. This has involved tons of eye-rolling, several “whatever”s muttered under her breath, and even one dramatic “Urgh I hate you!” followed by a door slam.

The news, therefore, that Mandy actually loves her gift comes as a huge revelation to her family.

“I had no idea how she would take it” said Mandy’s nan.

“Honestly though, I’m thrilled she likes it. I had no idea what her interests were – It was either this or drugs – so it’s a big relief for me”


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