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Early this morning, The Advocate received a letter from a local reader currently holidaying in Fiji.

Though he took the time to explain just how great the Pacific nation is this time of year and whatnot, he was quick to the point and didn’t mince any words.

The subject of the letter was in relation to a recent article.

Asking to remain anonymous, our editorial team respected his wishes in that regard but the contents of the letter were simply too topical and important to relegate to the archive folder.

We received the message as below:

Hello Betoota Advocate,

I have been wondering this for a while but I’m not sure anybody can give me the correct answer besides your editors or whoever reads these fucking messages.

Are you cunts fucking illiterate?

Seriously. There’s a spelling mistaje [sic] in every single article.

I thoroughly enjoy your work and respect you both as writers and journalists but surely you’re taking the piss when it comes to proofreading your work?

Sometimes I don’t even click on an article because I know it will have a mistake in it. Boys, it shits me to tears. I’m one of those people who can’t stand that shit.

For the love of God, please proofread your articles!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you fucking mouthbreathers. Go and get fucked.

Your Friend,

Cameron ———-

As for a formal response, The Advocate and its owners would like to make it known that we as an organisation stand behind our proof-reader.

Ernesto has been working with our team for a number of years now and has proven himself to be worth his weight in gold many times.

As a seasoned subeditor, he cut his teeth at the popular daily tabloid, the Daily Telegraph early in his career.

From there, he was a captioner for Foxtel and was often called upon to caption live.

The bright lights of San Fransisco called his name and he found himself captioning at YouTube as well as moderating comments on videos.

He started at The Advocate in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength.

More to come.




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