Mum has confirmed that things are well truly f’d in the a by coming up to you and asking for a drag of your dart.

While usually a frequent berrator of her adult children and their decision to smoke, suburban mum Marion Blake has decided to forgo her usual cancer routine in favour of taking a sweet earthy drag of her kid’s ciggie.

“She came up to me and I thought she was going to tell me I stink or something but she just took the dart from my fingers and had a couple of puffs,” stated eldest born Lars Blake.

“As she inhaled she looked up at the sky and when she blew the smoke out it was with a great big sigh. Now, I’m getting the feeling things aren’t going too well.”

Previously, mother Blake claims to have only smoked a cigarette once in 1987 when she fell over at a Guns N’ Roses concert and accidently fell mouth first on a lit butt. 

According to her children, her usual methods for remedying stress involve screaming in the ensuite and kicking a disused birdcage in the shed. 

But with the birdcage unkicked and the ensuite noise free, Blake’s children have to really have a think about what has pushed mum over the edge so bad that she is filling her lungs with smoke.


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