Sydney man Deangelo Moran (34) has finally given in to lockdown temptation and has straight up forgotten to wake up for the past two days. 

After eight weeks of lockdown with at least five more on the way, Moran states he has previously been doing OK through the lockdown considering he has his health and that a militant extremist group hasn’t overthrown his country’s leadership after 20 years of US occupation. 

Unfortunately for Moran, the lockdown has thrown a spanner into his well-routined sleep pattern meaning the out-of-work bartender has risen later and later as lockdown has continued.

This came to a head in the early hours of Thursday, when Moran fell asleep at around 3:40am and has forgotten to wake up since.

“He was watching a compilation of worst houses from Grand Designs when he went,” stated Moran’s housemate as they spooned a bit of water into his sleeping mouth.

“That’s probably what did it. He doesn’t have any reason to get up so it makes sense he’s still sleeping.”

According to Moran’s housemate, this forgetful behaviour is in line with his housemate’s habit of forgetting to take out the rubbish and do the dishes, despite the fact they are there right in front of him all day.

“I’d be jealous of him but what’s the point? I could try this, I’m just not bothered. He will miss nothing.”


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