The Queensland State Government has said their border may not open up to New South Wales ever again – even after their southern neighbour’s vaccination rates reach 80 per cent

It is believed that QLD Premier Palaszczuk has stopped working with the Federal Government, after her request for a border bubble that would lower the roadside checkpoints to include the northern regions of NSW fell on deaf ears.

Known locally to as ‘JohAnna’ for her Sir Joh-era secessionist politics, The Queensland Premier has vowed to finish what was started in the 1980s – and commit to splitting away from the Federated States Of Australia.

This explosive announcement came asMorrison conceded that zero community cases in Australia is “highly unlikely” – after his government failed failed dismally to provided adequate quarantine facilities and secure a sufificent supply of jabs.

The PM says that the number of community cases should have no bearing on the plan to ease restrictions, which is a way of saying that every other state that has successfully eliminated the spread must now open their borders to his beloved NSW government.

“For the past 18 months I’ve tried to predict where this pandemic would go, and I’ve almost always been wrong.” said the PM

“We are committed to the plan, but some facts have changed.”

However, Queensland still recorded no local cases on Sunday while NSW recorded 830 new infections.

Johanna has responded to the PM by saying that she has her own police force, and her own citizen militia that she can call on if need be.

“We don’t HAVE to do anything that we don’t want to do” said the QLD Premier.

“And quite frankly I find it laughable that our Prime Minister would sit up there and infer that we would ever take the lead from him”

“I’ve got the Katters onside and I’ve got the Queensland LNP onside. Everyone is backing me.”

Palaszczuk says that anyone who doesn’t think she’ll keep this border shut as long as she wants must have a short memory.

“Do you remember last year?” she told the Betoota Advocate.

“I kept the thing air-tight and won by a landslide… I might never open up again”

“Fuck it. We might even secede finally. Maybe Joh was right about you do-gooding southerners”


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