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A local mother of 3 managed to stay at least six cars away from the police during school pickup yesterday.

Tensions rose when Kylie Cass, 39, with a brief history of extremely low-level recreational drug use, was driving along Trotter Street and looked back in her rearview mirror.

All of a sudden, Kylie switched on to ‘wanted fugitive’ mode and began driving as though she had Malcolm Naden in the passenger seat.

“I saw them a few cars back” she said. “I immediately asked the kids if they had their belts on and checked my speed. Then I decided I’d just pull over and duck down till they passed”.

It was there, sunk below the windows in a random side-street, that Kylie suddenly realised she was actually a good, law-abiding citizen, whom had no reason to be completely terrified of the local law enforcement.

“She just sees them and freaks” admitted Kylie’s eldest daughter, Faith. “Whenever they show up to the school fete we always have to take a really wide berth”

When asked why it is her anxiety levels rise so dramatically in the presence of the police, she responded “I don’t really know. Why? Where are they?”


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