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The healthy eating trend that has taken the world by storm has today trickled down into the community of Australia’s backbone, the tradie. Tradies across Australia have realised that their health is the one commodity that they have complete control over, so they’ve begun switching their meat pies and leftovers for the healthier option of a Coles roast chicken and coleslaw sanga.

Local carpenter Tom Scoles (28) is an early adopter of the trend, and as he explains, the initial reaction on his work site was anything but welcoming.

“Oh they looked at me like I was a fucking fruit loop,”

“Especially Shayden the brickie. His misso packed him a couple chops and potato bake, and he sat there taunting me with it.”

“At first I thought about chucking my sanga in the bin and walking directly to KFC, but the moment I bit into that succulent chicken, I knew I’d made the right decision.”

While Tom is experiencing some backlash about his healthy eating habits, according to multiple reports from other tradies at Tom’s work site, they too are considering making the switch.

“Oh yeah, look, I’ll probably give it a go. If it gets the misso [sic] off my back about putting on a few kg’s then I’ll do it,” considered one plasterer.

“I do love a fresh roast chook,” said another rather ambiguously so as not to commit to the new diet.

The Advocate understands that Tom has already lost 15kgs by simply switching to this healthier lunch option. We suspect that it’s only a matter of time before the wider trade community catches on.

More to come.


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