The man who wants to be the next Prime Minister of Australia has put forward his name again this week, by showing that he too could do an underwhelming job of leading the nation.

While his boss spent the weekend catching up with English toffs to talk about cancel culture and cricket, Peter Dutton has tried to steal a bit of the spotlight.

With his local community being affected – like plenty of other parts of his hometown and state – the Defence Minister and Member for Dickson has set up a GoFundMe.

The set up of the community fundraising resource comes in order to let people who donate funds every single day in the form of taxes, to help the people who already fundraise every single day in the form of taxes.

It’s a move that’s raised more than a few eyebrows, with people asking why isn’t a notable government figure just finding some money in the budget like he normally does for far less important stuff.

Despite being a seniour politician in a thing called the government, which seemingly has countless money to spend at the drop of a hat on things like tanks, submarines, security contracts and dividends for Gerry Harvey, Dutton has hit back at any criticism of his GoFundMe.

The fund has raised $23,000 so far, nearly 0.0005% of the money he signed off on for a shack on Kangaroo Island to run an offshore processing centre for three asylum seekers.

However, the man who gives billions of dollars to companies to run offshore detention facilities without a proper tender process says money doesn’t go on trees.

“What, you want me to come up with a stimulus package that helps the people of my community in a time of need?” said Dutton.

“That’s not what the government is for. We are here to win elections and scare people into thinking their way of life is under threat if they don’t vote for us,” he laughed.

“Come on. Get real.”

Dutton then said that the $4.9 billion government disaster fund which hasn’t been touched is for worse situations than this, like if a few boats snuck into Australia or something.

The Prime Minister has since announced that he will deploy the ADF to help affected residents tomorrow, after the predicted peak of the flooding in a typically proactive effort.

State authorities who are frantically trying to evacuate and protect citizens have reportedly just shaken their heads at our federal leaders.

More to come.


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