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A mum from Ascot has today formally announced that she’s absolutely sick of this ‘terrible weather’ after failing to de-frizz her hair for the second week straight. 

Carole Abbott-Ford [45] is said to have been at her wits ending trying to tame her bush, with no amount of straightening, brushing or bobby pins making any difference. And as any woman knows, if your hair looks like shit, it pretty much ruins everything.

Staring in the mirror and grimacing in disgust at the birds nest on top of her head, Carole admits that yes, there are worse things going on, but for the sake of her mental health, this weather needs to hurry up and fuck off already.

“I’m so over it”, says Carole to our reporter, “what’s the point of wearing a nice outfit if your hair lets you down?”

“I may as well just shave it all off.”

Adding that she hadn’t been too affected by the floods, Carole says she did feel for some of her friends who owned waterfront properties in Kangaroo Point.

“It’s completely ruined the view, not to mention all the rainfall has churned the water into an ugly brown colour.”

“The council needs to do something about it.”

It’s unknown how long the bad weather will go on for or what Carole plans to do about her flyaways, but here’s hoping it sorts itself out before her next catch up with the girls.

More to come.


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