A 23-year-old paralegal who had a bar job during his four years at University says if he can get an elite tertiary education without any help from his parents, then anyone can.

Enoch Grinndaley-Blighton says the concept of privilege is just bullshit, and a result of the left-wings obsession with identity politics.

“I never had it easier than anyone else my age from anywhere else in this country”

“In fact, I probably had to work harder because I wasn’t able to apply for support payments because my parents earned too much”

“I would have loved to have been able to live off the tax payer while at university. But I wasn’t, instead, I was working in a bar three nights a week!”

As an arguably heterosexual twenty-something that could easily be shortlisted to the top ranks of the Coalition in the next fifteen years,  Enoch says he only joined the Young Liberal party because he wanted to see Australia remain as fair and prosperous as he remembers it as a boy.

Enoch says his typical Australian upbringing  – which saw him attending several international schools in Hong Kong and Singapore while his father ran the comms arm for FedEx AsiaPacific, before settling into an eight bedroom timber manor in Sydney’s leafy inner-North – meant that he got to meet people from all walks of life – and he refuses to believe anyone had it easier than anyone else.

“This concept that kids in inner-city housing blocks have it any harder than I did is preposterous” he says.

“I had a job at uni! A bar job!”

“This is the problem with state-sponsored housing for the so-called ‘vulnerable’ – These kids are raised with a sense of entitlement!”



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