Local woman Olivia Campbell is scared shitless.

Scared she’ll be the last one standing and left to attend movies alone forever.

You see, as her friends had slowly paired up over the years and left their clubbing days behind them, Olivia and her single mate Shannon had naturally grown closer. In fact, when all else failed, they knew they could always rely on each other to be available.

As they’d ventured out every weekend in the hopes of landing a beau, Olivia and Shannon had not only become each other’s wingman but also forged a strong and trustworthy bond.

But now it seems that Shannon is getting a little too close with a guy she’s been seeing, who has so far passed with flying colours. Though she’d never admitted it out loud, Olivia would often feel better about herself when she heard about her friend’s dating problems. As long as her friend was also having trouble, Olivia could assure herself that the reason she was single had everything to do with men – and nothing to do with her avoidant behaviour or eagerness to find faults.

However, as she’d waited for news that Shannon’s fourth date had been a dud, Olivia was sorely disappointed to see the large amounts of exclamation points in her message folder, which was a sure sign something monumental happened – A fear that was realised, when she’d opened the message to a photo of her friend holding a beautiful bunch of wildflowers.

Typing in an enthusiastic ‘OMG SOOO SWEET 😻’, Olivia desperately tries to stop herself from panicking and envisioning lonely weekends watching Friends in bed.

More to come.


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