A late-night message sent to the girl’s group chat suggests local woman Shannon Neilson had a pretty shit date.

It’s alleged the twenty-three-year-old Betoota Heights woman had made the mistake of telling her mates about a bloke, before officially getting the girlfriend title.

Though the cause is unknown, those well-versed in the world of singledom have discovered that if you want a date to go well, it’s best you keep everything to yourself.

This is because as soon as you voice your hopes and dreams or utter the words, ‘I think he’s the one’, a strange cosmic force will strike down from the sky and sever all romantic bonds – that, or you’ll uncover some startling information.

Despite talking every day for two months and undertaking girlfriend duties, Shannon’s burgeoning relationship with gym hottie Ryan has unfortunately come to stop. Burdened with the feeling that she’d yet again come so close to nabbing a man, Shannon can’t help but feel rejected, hopeless and really pissed off.

Of course, if there’s anything that will help, it’s sending an unflattering, teary selfie to the ‘Dumb Bitches’ chat without any context.

“Omg babe what happened???”

“What did he do? Are you okay?”

Offloading the night’s events with a series of sob filled voice messages, Shannon decries that not only is she done with dating apps but that she’s ‘taking some time to work on herself instead.’

More to come.


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