Local dad, Big John McMichael has today cracked.

He’s done what he never thought he’d do and picked up one of the controllers for his son’s PlayBox or whatever it’s bloody called.

What Big John needs in his life is that chance to get overly competitive and yell at someone.

At 9:45AM today, he’s conceded to the fact that his live-at-home adult sons might be onto something, and decided to learn how to play video games.

“Alright” he says.

“Show me how to use this bloody thing”

By 12:15 Big John was making a run to the servo for some Monster Energy drinks and Doritos, after being invited to join an exclusive COD regiment after impressing a South Korean teenager with his sharpshooting.

“Ok” he says.

“Couple more hours of this shit then you can show me the cowboy game” he tells his sons.

“Oi close the curtains. The glare is fucking up my scope”


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