Like many Australians before her, local child Maya Thompson has received her first box of fundraising chocolates.

The selection of Cadbury chocolates is designed to be sold to friends and neighbours for a gold coin, with the student selling the most chocolates receiving a prize.

Though Maya was never the most ambitious student, she’d had plans to do some door-knocking with her mum in an effort to sell off all the chocolates by the weekend.

But luckily for Maya, it turns out she doesn’t even have to leave the house to sell all of her chocolate – in fact, she doesn’t even have to leave the living room.

It’s alleged her mum had swiped a few chocolates and promised to swing her daughter a couple of coins, which then kickstarted a chain reaction of the entire family diving in. As her brothers, sisters and even her father (who was not known for having a sweet tooth) grabbed fistfuls of chocolates, all Maya could do was watch with exasperation as the Caramello Koalas disappeared.

Though it may look suspicious when she hands in a crisp $100 bill instead of dollar coins, at least Maya was able to meet her sales target.

More to come.


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