A local dad has unwittingly fallen into a conspiracy hole thanks to YouTube’s algorithm, it’s reported.

It’s alleged Robert Cole had been watching some of his favourite stand up comedians when he was faced with the YouTube dark hole options available to his demographic – WW2, Christopher Hitchens or conspiracy theories.

Choosing the lesser evil of the three, Robert is said to have had his mind ‘completely blown’ to the point where he found it necessary to share his new theories on Boomerbook – which were at least a lot less offensive than the constant barrage of discriminatory memes and images glorifying war he liked to post multiple times a day.

Clearly having too much time on his hands, Robert has nothing better to do than latch onto any outrageous and fabricated theory he can get his hands on. Especially if it can affirm his beliefs that there are dark, mystical forces at work.

The latest fodder for his angry thoughts happens to be the YouTube hit, ‘Zeitgeist’, which was a film arguably recommended by every stoner in 2007 – including his now adult son Tony, who very likely parroted the very same conspiracies when he was 16.

It’s unknown how long this conspiracy phase will last, but here’s hoping Robert doesn’t discover Kony 2012.

More to come.


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