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In Machattie Park yesterday, a local teenager asked his dad what it was like in the olden days when politicians used to be accountable for their actions.

“But Dad, you keep saying that they’re lying and that they made mistakes which have cost hundreds of lives,” said the kid.

“Like how the Head of Government Relations at Astro Zucchini once held a number of senior positions in the Howard Government. Like how you said the only reason why we have this boomer remover death serum that nobody wants to take, the one that Greg Hunt had and then two weeks later was in hospital, is because Scott Morrison and the guy were makes so he bought a bunch of these jabs that we’re going to have to bush into the Pacific, which will make Scott looks like a benevolent, woman-loving legend that he is,”

“Dad, you keep saying he should resign and in more developed parts of the world, they put people like that in jail or worse. Why doesn’t that happen here? Did we ever used to put politicians in jail?”

Our reporter was sat opposite this discussion, which was taking place not long after sunrise on Sunday. It was the night after Clancy Overell’s sixth Bucks night.

The father pensively nodded.

“Yeah mate, there was a time when politicians would resign after they made a huge fuck up or got caught doing something crook,” he said.

“But yeah, as I said now, they can pretty much get away with anything. You’ve got journalists and reporters going after each other and the people on the left cannibalising itself all the while the government on a state and federal level just get on with the job of lying to your face and taking you out the fucking ying-yang,”

“And I can’t see it getting any better.”

The kid nodded and said that was cool.

Our reporter took another sip of blue Gatorade.

“Anyway, hopefully that’ll change one day.”

More to come.


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