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“I want to look Novak Djokovic in the back of the head and call him a flog!” he said.

“Then I will boo him every time he wins a point!”

A Melbournian vented his anger this morning at potentially being locked out of the Australia Open after Victorian Premier Dan Andrews refused to rule out letting people in to see the whackety whack action.

Miles Harman, of Phrahran on Melbourne’s northside, said it’s his birthright as a Victoria to boo professional sportsman and some ‘stupid virus’ and ‘four-eyed career politician’ aren’t going to take that away from him.

“I will boo Novak even if it kills me,” said the 44-year-old curtain designer.

“And I will boo that Tomic, too. I will boo everyone. Man, woman, I don’t care. Nobody is safe from me,”

“Is that flog Krygios coming? I will boo the shit out of him. Booooo! Flog! Boooooooooo! He’s milking free kicks! Boooooooooooo!”

More to come.


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