In a refreshing change for both the government and voters, Scotty From Marketing has been able to start 2021 without any marketing at all.

January 26th looks like it was pass through without a ripple this year, as the Prime Minister appears to be experiencing just enough goodwill with his voters to not have to press racist hot buttons in an attempt to divide the nation with the tried and true political tool known as ‘the culture wars.’

With the bushfires, sports rorts, Angus Taylor’s forgery scandal and the Christian Porter’s sex scandals confined in the rearview of 2020, the
Coalition Government is experiencing the most relaxed January news cycle since they were in opposition.

The voters, now content with Jobkeeper and the new normal that comes with this pandemic – possibly aren’t quite as engaged in the novelty of a public holiday after a whole year of public holidays spent locked inside.

While the issues facing Aboriginal people remain the same, and the symbolism of a public holiday celebrating the colonial invasion of an occupied continent still hurts their community – it looks like this year the Murdoch press and far-right populists of Canberra are happy enough with how the government is being received that they don’t need to portray black people as spoilt whingers in an effort to get the other mob onside.

The Aboriginal community and their friends will this year be marching in demonstration against the revisionist history, this time with more friends than last years.

And those that think Australia Day is important to their cultural identity will be making use of the public holiday while binge drinking themselves through a nostalgic longing for the Howard era of Aussie flag capes and The Big Day Out.

Prime Minister Morrison, in no need of a political distraction from the incompetence of the government Turnbull left him, has not said one word.

And hopefully that stays the same.

Instead, Scotty joined a number of rural frontbenchers on a tour of several towns across regional Queensland that have upgraded infrastructure with funding administered by the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency.

As Australia looks on at America potentially sparking a civil war in the next 24 hours due to media-charged cultural divides, the best case scenario is that the Prime Minister doesn’t acknowledge this 25-year-old public holiday until he is standing in front of lectern in a week’s time awarding the ‘Australian Of The Year’ to former NSW Fire Chief Shane Fitzsimmons.

When asked for comment on why he hasn’t brought up the need to protect this ‘sacred’ day, the Prime Minister said it’s because he has nothing to gain from doing it this year.

“Yeah, do what you want. Go to the beach, go to a protest”

“You’ve got the day off regardless”



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