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New South Wales Police are confident that Melissa Caddick will be eventually found alive by the nation’s podcasters.

The state’s police commissioner, Mick Fuller, spoke to the media this morning in Sydney where he said police still think Caddick is still alive and won’t simply ‘give up’ looking for her.

“She’s wanted for some very serious offences,” said Fuller.

“We have reason to believe that Melissa Caddick is still alive. Police are still investigating but at this stage, we are calling upon podcasters around the country to get off their arse and help us solve this case,”

“Hedley Thomas, looking at you, mate. Chris Masters? I reckon it’s time for you to get involved. Who else am I missing? You don’t have to be a professional journalist or investigator. At this time, we are calling on amateurs as well,”

“If you have a Rode Podcaster and a MacBook Pro, consider this your call to arms. Thank you.”

The Advocate has reached out to both Hedley Thomas and Chris Masters for comment but both have yet to reply.

More to come.


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