A local outdoor enthusiast by the name of Shawn Williams has today hit out at our money-grabbing government – claiming that all national parks should be free.

His claims came after a day trip to the Betoota Ranges Conservation Area, where he was slugged a whole $8.40 for the right do drive up to a glorious lookout area with picnic facilities and access down to the Pavlova Falls for a swim.

“Mate, it’s supposed to be a free country,” explained the man who gave the young fella on the gate a bit of spray when he asked for the daily vehicle entry fee.

“And, now you’ve gotta pay to go and spend some time in your own backyard,” continued the fired up man that chose one of the few entry fee ticketed national parks in the state to take his 4 door sedan into.

“I don’t understand why people should be charged for that,” said the man who failed to clean the BBQ after cooking up some marinated skewers for lunch.

“It just doesn’t sit well with me,” said Shawn.

Despite the fact he has never once advocated for more funding to be directed towards our national parks who have the unenviable task of trying to deal with well over a century of rampant deforestation and the damage done by introduced plant and animal species, Williams just thinks it’s unfair to charge people to use crown land.

“Just classic revenue-raising from the government mate. And they can’t even put in a proper toilet.”

“That droppie was disgusting.”


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