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A Melbourne Reverend came out today and told friends and family that he’s supported the idea of gay marriage since before it was cool and controversial for a clergyman to do so.

Fitzroy-based Reverend Alex Carter has adorned the many archways and entrances to his church with Pride flags and messages of support for the ‘Yes’ campaign.

“Um, it’s my interpretation that Jesus died for us all because he loves us all.  That’s basically the premise of the whole religion,” he said.

“So pretty much, Jesus and his Dad get around the gay community because they both love everyone. They’re good role models. The underlying message of the Anglican Church is to basically be inclusive and tolerant of those around you,”

“And show them love and respect. So under that description, The Bible tells us to support and respect the gay community, so make God happy and vote yes.

However, some sheep in Reverend Carter’s flock don’t share the views of their shepherd.

One sexagenarian, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Advocate that they thought the church should be apolitical and stay out of matters such as the same sex marriage postal vote.

“The issue of gay marriage isn’t one for the church to decide, it’s clearly written in the Bible that gay people are living in sin. There is no argument,” said the person.

“It’s an issue for our political leaders, not our spiritual ones. I love my neighbour Reverend Carter but he’s making it hard to with all this rainbow business,”

“I think the elder Australians will be on the right side of history regarding this gay marriage fad.”

More to come.

Should you feel the need to express your opinion on gay marriage, please do it by enrolling to vote. For more information on how to have your voice heard, visit and follow the prompts. 


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