With one day left to register for the electoral commission, over 1300 companies have confirmed support marriage equality – including all the banks, all the airlines, sporting codes and some Australia’s largest retailers – it seems big business are the least concerned about the ramifications of allowing gay people to tie the knot.

Aside from an online community of ‘free speech’ activists, it appears that only the controversial Australian Catholic Church and the nation’s far-right politicians feel the need publicly oppose marriage equality in the lead up to the postal vote – as pubs, cafes, restaurants and progressive religious leaders urge Australians to vote love.

One local retailer, by the name of Tony (bags) has also used his network of loyal customers to remind Australians to enrol for the postal vote, and support marriage equality.

As one of the most prominent cocaine and amphetamines dealers in the greater Betoota region, Tony (bags) says his business is a big supporter of diversity and equality amongst Australians.

“Gays make up some of my most loyal customers”

“I owe it to them to show full support for marriage equality”

In his most recent ‘send to all’ text message which describes current prices and product quality, Tony (bags) steered away from the usual apolitical position and urged his customers to vote YES for love.

“Got front row tickets to the rock show tonight. Selling @ $300 for Elton John. $200 for Spiderbait. Also remember to enrol to vote 🏳️‍🌈 deadline is tonight. Vote love ❤️” Read the text message.

“I’ve been having positive responses all day” he says.

“Mostly about the rack, but yeah, plenty of them are ready to get behind this whole gay marriage thing”

“Even the Young Liberals that use me for their functions”


To participate in the survey you need to be correctly enrolled by tonight You can check your enrolment, enrol or update your enrolment details.

Visit the ABS website or call 1800 572 113 (7 days, 8 am – 8 pm local time in Australia) for more information.



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