Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has raised eyebrows again this afternoon, with another baseless accusation.

Following his claims that Melbourne’s second wave was caused by the Black Lives Matter protests, the stand-in leader of the Nationals has now tried to pin the 2 trillion litres of missing Murray Darling water on the BLM protestors as well.

“I think what’s pretty evident here is that we’ve had water theft on a grand scale because of these protestors,” he said in a similar tone to when he made a baseless claim that BLM sparked Melbourne’s second wave – something that has been proven to be wrong on countless occasions.

The ABC last week revealed that nearly 2 trillion litres of water had disappeared from the system with any number of factors potentially to blame.

However, McCormack says the blame lies squarely with BLM, because he’s so out of touch with his constituents he convinces himself that regional Australians care about the culture wars and political correctness more than where their next paycheque, pump or job is coming from.

“The protestors were responsible for the second wave in Melbourne, something which the left-wing elites who listen to the biased data coming from our health system will tell you isn’t true, but is,”

“And they are responsible for industrial-scale water theft along the Murray Darling Basin as well,” explained the man so out of his depth as the Deputy Prime Minister that he just tries to fight any issue with the culture wars because he thinks that’s what his constituents care about.

“It’s clear as daylight,” argued the politician who seems only concerned with the health of the river system that services our food bowl, when he can score what he thinks, are political points.

McCormack then struggled to answer how some ‘inner-city leftie activists’ would know how to rig up the huge pumps and where exactly they put the water.

“You have to ask them, there’s more going on than meets the eye,” he said finishing the interview by deflecting from the real issues that he actually has control over and should be working towards solving.


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