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There is wealth and then there’s real wealth.

Some people have a lot of money but they’re fucked on the inside, like Kerry Packer.

Then there’s people like Kile Taylor, a 33-year-old Darwin man who’s just doing what he’s got to do to get ahead in life.

By day, the polite and charming Scorpio pilots a litany of small aircraft for a medium-sized aviation company based in our country’s Top End.

And by night, Kile likes to entertain friends and family around his new open-air pool table.

“I had a table there and a few chairs before,” he told this masthead via telephone this afternoon.

“But it was a space that commanded more then [sic] that. I needed something to tie the room together, you know?”

“So yeah, I got a pool table off of Gumtree and the bloke even helped me move it. He looked just like me, he even asked me if I wanted to buy some of his fishing rods. His work was moving him down to Victoria and he reckons the fishing is fucked down there, he’s pretty fucken mundry about the whole thing if you ask me but yeah, his pool table’s in good nick,”

“Mate, you’ll have to come up here and have a roll on it. We had a big wet this year so the dry will be pretty nice. Nah but I’m serious, hey. Come up when all this shit is over and we’ll go pull some horse barra out of the river and sink some cold tins on the boat, like we can head up to Kakadu and get on it real hard. Yeah but no throwing tins over the side of the boat, hey. You do that, I’ll fucken chuck you in after it, got it?”

“But ah yeah, house is a home now with this pool table.”

More to come.


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