A Sydney Council has today revealed it’s bold plan to try and avoid sparking a second wave in the city.

With the days getting hotter, and the privileged people who call the Eastern Suburbs home getting a bit tired of this virus, concerns have been raised about crowds descending on Bondi and the beaches near them.

So, as a result, Waverley Municipal Council have today begun a trial involving anti-homeless spikes, or ‘hostile architecture’ as they are referred to by inner-city public servants and bureaucrats.

The spikes are normally deployed around public spaces where people try to find a dry and sheltered spot to sleep because they’ve been let down by the system.

“Basically we have just installed a heap of those spikes all along Bondi, to try and keep people from setting up on the beach,” explained a spokesperson for the council Fleck Seefry-Day.

“Obviously this virus is really inconvenient for our residents who haven’t been able to go on any holidays or anything, and we understand where they are coming from – but we just cop so much flack when they completely ignore all health directives and just do what they want cause they feel like it.”

“If that doesn’t work we’ll get the CBD police officers to come down and treat them like they are actual homeless people and that should learn them pretty quick smart.”

It’s believed a pleasant weekend ahead is set to test out the effectiveness of the spikes.

More to come.


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