A staggering revelation has come to life as Masterchef judge Matt Preston confirmed the longstanding rumour that he sometimes eats unidentified crumbs he finds in his cravats.

The rumour that Preston ate a cravat crumb, dates back to 2010 during the show’s second season where contestant Callum Hamm playfully accused the judge of doing so on Twitter.

The tweet reads:

“It got cut but @MattsCravat liked my dessert so much I saw him saving a macaron crumb in his cravat for later! #masterchefau”

At the time Preston refused to comment on the accusation, but with five contestants coming forward in what is being called #crumbgate, the food critic owned up to his behaviour in the following statement:

“Yes, I sometimes eat the crumbs I find in my cravat. No, I’m not always certain they are from that day. Yes, I do wear cravats for that reason. No, I’ve never shared a crumb with George or Gary. Yes, I have once licked a cravat clean. No, I am not going to stop.”

Network Ten was unable to make a comment on the story as they were too busy trying to maintain the rights for another season of Gogglebox or something else that’s also very important.


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