Betoota Plains cocky Hamish Palmer (28), has today had a haunting realisation.

3 hours into his 8-hour drive home, Mr. Palmer discovered that he had in fact been driving in silence the entire time.

Usually the type to listen to Luke Bryan’s greatest hits on repeat, Hamish was quite shaken by this voluntary silence – naturally leading him to further question his existence and try to figure out what the point even was any more.

Speaking to our reporter, who happened to be at the same driver reviver, Hamish explained that he thinks he may know why he began his journey devoid of audio stimulus.

“Yeah.. g’day mate.. ah.. yeah, guess you could say I had a bit on last night.” Hamish managed to get out.

According to our reporter, Hamish looked as though he had been into something a little harder than usual, having described his appearance as “a good ad for Napisan.”

“Oh.. yeah. Well me and Jim, my cousin, got stuck into a few schooners at the tavern. Then, you know, one thing lead to another and, ah, had a bit of a sesh [sic] on the chalk dust”

“Now I’m here, having just drove in silence for 3 hours. What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Unable to answer Hamish’s question, our reporter gave him 3 Panadol, a Snickers and, before sending him on his way, ensured he had all Luke Bryan’s 5 albums lined up in Spotify to play for the remaining 5 hours.

More to come.



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