In another win for Australians actors, Melbourne native Ben Mendelsohn has been cast in a Hollywood blockbuster as a man of authority caught in a power struggle.

Not wanting to spoil too much about the upcoming action feature, Mendelsohn promised audiences that there will be lots of action his character witnesses from afar and that he will get red-faced as the unlikely hero/heroes try to thwart his plan.

“And maybe it turns out I’m not the real baddie all along!” joked the Emmy Award winner.

Portraying complex and engaging characters in films such as Animal Kingdom (2010) and Killing Them Softly (2011), big-budget filmmakers embraced Mendelsohn for his ability to hold power and lose it as easily as Sandra Bullock turns into a slamming hottie by simply removing her glasses.

Unconfirmed Hollywood sources state director Christopher Nolan cast Mendelsohn as a dark horse losing his grip after seeing him throw his hat on the ground in an LA cafe when they refused to make him a flat white.

Mendelsohn states he is not worried about being typecast as a beady-eyed suit wearer with a power complex who occasionally gets chocked by the film’s main villain, stating his early acting experiences show his range and depth.

“At 21 I starred in the greatest film ever made; The Big Steal. Since then, every film has felt like a step down as far as I’m concerned.”

More to come.



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