A Martin Place Stockbroker has decided his lunchtime bump will be a bit bigger than usual, with all the traumatic screaming coming from outside as the NSW State Government forcibly remove homeless people from the financial district.

Thomas Meade-Yabsley (26) says it’s not really something that he should be forced to feel guilty about, but for some reason, he is haunted by the dark side of capitalism twenty floors below him.

“It’s not my fault these people didn’t study in school” he says, while massaging his sinuses and jerking his head backwards to sniff any remaining residue into his heavily haemorrhaged nasal cavity.

“And yeah, maybe some of them were dealt an unfair hand. But that’s not my responsibility”

“Their visible homelessness is an absolute eye sore on the city”

The state government has today begun dismantling the iconic homeless camp at Martin Place for a second time, and police have threatened to throw anyone who resists “in the back of a truck”.

The long-standing camp of 44 tents, which house about 50 people in front of the Reserve Bank, was first dismantled by the City of Sydney council in June but many of its residents have returned to the safety offered by the wealthy end of town.

It is understood that the NSW Government has circumnavigated requests from the city’s mayor to note move the community of homeless people unless a 24-hour safe space was provided elsewhere in the city.



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