A local Betoota man has been spotted attempting to hide his identity while leaving the premises of a well known oriental-themed massage parlour this afternoon.

The recently-single carpenter, by the name of Jacko, appeared distressed and standoffish while attempting to weave through the foot traffic outside DREAM MASSAGE & SPA in South Betoota this afternoon.

Witnesses say they have no idea why he would feel so ashamed about receiving some pressure applied to his groin and abdomen in the full body oil massage package.

Another local bloke, Brucey, says Jacko shouldn’t be shy about alternative pseudo‑medicines to treat tight muscles and sore joints.

“It’s done me wonders” says Brucey.

“I used to go for my knee”

“Lord knows why he covered his face on the way out – he parked a couple streets away as well”

When asked for comment, Jacko says he didn’t know what the fuck we were on about and that he never goes to massage parlours.



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