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Reams of Port Adelaide fans have welcomed the container loads of Elon Musk’s lithium-ion batteries overnight by throwing bananas at them – a traditional welcome offered by the club.

Leading the charge was Port Power chairman David Koch, who threw the ceremonial first banana at the first truck to leave Adelaide’s shipping terminal.

“Welcome to Adelaide, batteries,” said Koch as he wound up and threw the botanical berry.

“We wish you safe passage through Port Adelaide and onto your destination. Now I invite the rest of the club’s supporters to throw their bananas and give a short blessing to the batteries.”

With that, close to a thousand dedicated Port Adelaide members bombarded the first Kenworth leaving the terminal with bananas, causing it to slide and roll over a short distance from the gate.

The stunt caught the attention of Telsa founder Elon Musk, who was ‘simply blown away’ by what had happened in Adelaide overnight.

“Why do people in Adelaide throw bananas at things?” asked Musk.

“Why are they throwing bananas at my batteries? They could’ve killed that truck driver. I mean, what in the fuck is going on down there?”

“If any Port Adelaide fan is reading this, can you fucking not? Those batteries are very expensive and you’re fucking it up for everyone. I can’t believe I’m having to tell people this.”

More to come.


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