The Queensland Premier will seek urgent talks with the Premier of New South Wales today over the dumping of waste north of the state border.

These allegations came to light over the weekend after the Gold Coast Titans record 54-0 loss to the Brisbane Broncos on Saturday.

“This isn’t a good look for both of us” she said.

“A Queensland club in the NRL performing that badly, it’s unfair to Queensland – especially seeing as most of our best young players are still being lured down south to prop up shitty New South Wales clubs”

A Four Corners investigation exposed an organised network of waste transporting and freighting companies sending waste by road and by rail to be dumped in Queensland – resulting in a low-quality NRL franchise of mostly NSW-born players

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was horrified by the extent of allegations raised in last night’s Four Corners program into the dumping of waste from NSW into Queensland, particuarly into the Gold Coast Titans change rooms.

The trade is so lucrative that the industry estimates the amount of construction, demolition and rugby league waste now being transported to Queensland has reached about one million tonnes a year, almost double official government figures from the past financial year.

Palaszczuk says the rubbish rugby league players being dumped here are bad enough, let alone the actual industrial waste being thrown down mine shafts to avoid a landfill levy.

“Please. Don’t do that” she said.

“There might still be some coal in those old girls – There are other options if you are willing to pay the price”

“We have a specific stretch of coastline between Mackay and Cairns where you can dump whatever you like, but you need to pay up”


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