With the rising cost of living not many young people can say they’re where they want to be, with the notable exception of Betoota local Max Kirk who at 38-years-old says he never wants kids and is on-track so far.

Boasting a five-figure income and self-contained living quarters on his parent’s property (a disused caravan), Kirk claims he would never be able to achieve his dreams of maybe one-day backpacking in South America or ‘inventing an app or something’ if he let a family get in the way.

“I know my parents would be happy if I shacked up and gave them a couple of grandkids to run around the yard but that’s defs not for me. I don’t even have a misses that’s how dedicated I am,” bragged Kirk.

Kirk’s parents Klause and Edna, state that while they are happy their son is setting goals they wish he would look to achieving more than never passing on his genes.

“We’re not remotely fussed about grandkids. Having him living in the backyard feels like there’s always a kid around,” grumbled Klause Kirk

“We don’t know what he’s doing in there half the time. Maybe he’s just waiting for us to die so he can move back into the house,” stated Edna with a furtive look to her son’s backyard dwellings.

Inside Kirk’s caravan, we can see the dedication to which he does not want to continue his genetic line, with the interior designed to be simultaneously inappropriate for children and repulsive to women.

The kitchen is adorned with dirty dishes and knives within grabbing distance, half-drunk Mountain Dew bottles next to a tub of coolant on one of the few visible patches of floor and a motorbike calendar dated November 2015 featuring a topless woman on a Harley Davidson.

“Gonna have both of those one day. One of them’s not getting the premium fuel if you catch my drift!”



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