A corporate silverfox who thinks that the concept of public housing is just a result of learned helplessness says he’d like to know where the money is going to come from to increase welfare payments by $50 a week.

William Hugosmyth-Willingtley (55) says he’s all for a fair go, but some people are just leeches.

“Mate, it’s all good and well to cry poor me, but where’s the money coming from?”

“Riddle me that? Who’s gonna pay for these people to sit at home and do nothing because they have chosen to live that life?”

After a harsh upbringing in ‘the rough part’ of Sydney’s North Shore and a few failed business ventures throughout his twenties, William says he knows more than anyone that hard work, presentation and eagerness is the only three things you need to do well in this country.

“I mean, seriously. How much more tax do I need to reluctantly pay until people realise that nothing is free in this world”

“Tax dollars should be spent on failed light rail infrastructure projects and Royal Commissions, not some bludgers in the houso blocks”

“It’s not that hard to get a decent pair of boots on your feet and find a bit of work”

“Literally, just pay $500 upfront with a work card and tell the ATO you need them to impress your colleagues. I’ve done the same with all my daughters’ cars, and their units”


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