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This May budget has revealed new details about cuts to the ABC’s annual budget while the government has had to defend their decision by saying they weren’t motivated by revenge.

Scott Morrison took the opportunity to address the media this morning at a doorstop outside Parliament where he was asked by an ABC reporter about the slashings.

“Where the cuts motivated by our left-wing, academic, city-centric bias?” asked the Radio National content creator.

The Treasurer shared a laugh with a Sky News reporter and the person who has Charles Croucher’s old at Channel Nine.

“Of course not,” he said.

“This budget is about returning to surplus. The ABC is like a black hole that you throw money into and nothing comes back out. Plus, the people receiving the money don’t even like us to begin with,”

“Which means, in layman’s terms for you, we want bang for our buck. The ABC is a cash negative investment for the government and the taxpayer, so we’re not going to waste our time and your money. Hell, I want to move the ABC out west to Parramatta in Sydney. Maybe those people might have to interact with a real person for once in their lives. Move the ABC in Melbourne out to Frankston!”

“Maybe if they started giving us a return on our investment, we’d be willing to give them more funding.”

The media scrum collectively shrugged and the Treasurer’s media advisor ushered him inside.

More to come.


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