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Commuters at Betoota Central Station were left feeling underwhelmed this evening, as a loud conversation between two raucous townies turned out to be sadly uninteresting.

As the grandma / granddaughter (?) pair made their way towards the station, their loud conversation peaked the interest of patient commuters, hopeful that their passionate chit chat would provide some entertainment while they wait for their train.

Unfortunately for those at the station, it soon became clear the loud conversation between the locals was over their favourite contestant on The Bachelor in Paradise and not some dispute over money, drugs or interpersonal issues.

Commuter Jeff Stevens (33) states he was elated when he first heard the couple arguing as his podcast would not load, but was ultimately disappointed by the content of their conversation.

“I was hoping maybe the younger one’s man was rooting around or something, but no. She was just upset that Heather didn’t return for this season.”

Early reviews of the conversation have been mostly negative, with loud-convo-connoisseur Peter Thompson of boganchats.com rating it a 2/10, calling it a ‘boring dud’ with unrealistic dialogue and a generic drum and bass soundtrack being provided directly from an iPhone 4.

Thompson writes:

“‘Bachelor In Paradise Chat’ is the sixth loud train station conversation recorded by the drug dependant couple and fails to hit the juicy topics of past efforts such as ‘What Part Of Piss Off Don’t You Understand,’ ‘I Keep Telling You, She Messaged Me’ and ‘You Don’t Fucking Own Me Pt. 2.’”

“What little hope there was for some relationship drama in this conversation was quickly written off as a joke at her man’s expense, which was swiftly accompanied by an assurance that she really does love him and can’t wait to see him”


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