10 May, 2016. 11:45

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

DESPITE HAVING MUCH TO do today, one local office dweller is contemplating chucking a sicky after making the terrible mistake of listening to Radiohead’s latest release, A Moon Shaped Pool, before leaving for work.

The lion’s share of the British group’s back catalogue had at least four to five slow songs on each album that could put you to sleep and fill your head with nightmares, but this most recent offering is an entire album that can give you ‘daymares’ – a series of daydreaming episodes where ones suddenly one’s self in a deep introspective daze where you can only think about all the poor choices made in life.

“Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about being a 35-year-old commercial radio advertising account manager, but after listening to some Radiohead this morning, I don’t really feel too good about my life anymore,” said Elliot Haist, a person who’s sat in a Pyrmont cubical every day for the past ten years – and probably will until the day his soul dies.

“Most mornings I listen to some Smashmouth, San Cisco or some other band that doesn’t make me want to take the day off work and stare at my bedroom ceiling. Something more upbeat. I should’ve known better than to listen to Radiohead’s new album before work,”

“Fuck, anything would’ve been better.”



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