Northern Territory Police have ramped up efforts to attract new cadets by venturing down a new avenue and targeting Aboriginal Australians, who make up roughly 30% of the Top End’s population.

This news comes as NT Police Minister Peter Chandler decried the Top End’s attempt to blow in on a “running-man” video challenge issued by New Zealand Police – in what has become an international public relations coup for police across the globe.

“That [NT Police ‘running man challenge’] was the whitest video I’d seen since Downton Abbey season one” Minister Chandler said.

“I mean Segways, really? It got us thinking, maybe we could use a few more Blackfellas in the NT police force. Thank Christ we had one in the video or it would’ve been as bad a shit-show as those left footed losers in NSW.”

Chandler pointed out that the need for more Aboriginal police in the Northern Territory became obvious after comparing his state’s woeful dance-off with the predominantly Polynesian NZ Police.

“The Kiwis learnt a long time ago that their Indigenous peoples can step up and throw down, in the club or a during Haka. Just look at those Maori cops move, it’s poetry in motion.”

“The same goes here. The Aboriginal officers give us just a bit more flay-va (sic)”

“That’s why we have announced this new recruitment campaign. We want everyone to know that cops are deadly!”

However, the recruitment push could face some obstacles in the Top End, where Indigenous Australians make up 84% of the prison population and roughly 97% of incarcerated juveniles, despite only 30% of people identifying themselves as Aboriginal.

Considering these statistics NT Police have announced they will implement a more NSW-style recruitment program, where police can be recruited and continue on active duty despite charges as serious as child sex offences, domestic violence and aggravated assault.

This program is coupled with a “Cops are deadly” media campaign, costing $13.7 million, targeting the Indigenous population for recruitment into the police force.

Larrakia woman and Darwin resident Aunty Deb Scully laughed at the proposed campaign.

“We already know the coppers are deadly. Just ask the Royal Commission,” Aunty Scully said



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