Ageing Queensland rugby supporter and devout sugar-cane-champagne drinker, Barry believes rugby has helped him finally truly understand the relativity of time.

He said that, for New Zealanders, a decade of All Black dominance is just a decade of dominance. On the other hand, for Wallaby supporters two wins over the All Blacks in a row would feel like a decade of dominance.

“We are almost there, you are only as good as your last game” he tells a Kiwi workmate who stopped bragging in 2010 because it was getting cruel.

Barry believes “it would only take a 10 win running streak against the All Blacks for me to finally get a real grip on infinity”.

University educated and with a scientific mind, Barry recalls that the last time he had an epiphany was about 10 years ago when he accidentally drank OP rum.

Barry, a rum and real man said “The Suncorp caterers have mastered the art of serving post mix coke syrup without a single molecule of gas. A bloke wouldn’t know what he was drinking”

Barry is questioning the reality of his epiphany. He fears his mate “Guzzling Glen”, who he says is really quite normal on the UP, may have slipped him some of the evil OP. Barry says he questioned Guzzling Glen, also known as Chainsmoking Smithy, who said he had no recollection of spiking his drinks but was fairly confident the Wallabies had won going away.

He recognises that the evident euphoria of his mates’ recollection of the result is symptomatic of OP consumption. As a consequence, he remains in a quandary as to the reality of his epiphany.

He says he is hoping to get to the bottom of this by experiencing another Wallabies win over the All Blacks but not, he added in the company of his mate.


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