The in-house punch-ons between Italian rugby league stars Shannon Wakeman and James Tedesco is believed to be directly related to comments made about Shannon’s mother’s cooking.

Tedesco and the Huddersfield prop will front an Italian disciplinary hearing on Wednesday after being  involved in a fight at Pier Bar in Cairns following their 36-12 loss to Ireland at Barlow Park.  Wakeman was reportedly angry about Tedesco’s behaviour towards the Super League prop’s girlfriend.

It is believed the 27-year-old Dapto boy began seeing red, green and white after Tedesco criticised his suggestion of having his mother cook for the squad when they arrived in Sydney.

“Pffft. Your mother’s cooking? Questa e merda” spat Tedesco, before being immediately punched in the face.

The fight ensued into a homoerotic Greco-Roman wrestling match before a bucket of olive oil was thrown over the men by the Italian waiters at the Cairns nightspot.

Tedesco has today come out and apologised to not only Wakeman but the entire Italian diaspora.

“I was completely out of line, moit. It was the limoncello talking” said Tedesco

“I’m sorry Shan. I hope you forgive me. I deserve everything that happened to me”

“To all the mamma’s out there, I apologise to you. No one deserves to be spoken about like that”.

Wakeman is believed to be still fuming about Tedesco’s comments.



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