12 February, 2016. 12:34

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Known locally as the first man convicted under the Diamantina Shire’s new anti-cottaging laws, Johnny Sampson has lashed out at the suggestion that his late model Suzuki Swift is a girl’s car.

In addition to that gender-specific jibe, the 27-year-old barber has let it be known that he’s not a hairdresser – and that his car is not a ‘hairdresser’s car’.

Speaking to The Advocate about his love of visiting public toilets late at night and cutting the hair of Betoota’s young social elite, Sampson explained that a car is just a car.

“It’s a sporty town car that’s good on petrol and cheap to maintain,” he said.

“I don’t care what the boys down the pub say about me or my car. They’re just jealous. Those gas-guzzling Land Cruisers they drive must cost them a fortune. Idiots.”

In July 2008, Sampson was arrested in bushland adjacent to a public restroom on the Diamantina Developmental Road in West Betoota along with seven other men from the wider area.

The sting operation failed to convict anybody besides the Longreach-native, who was caught with his pants down without a valid excuse.

More to come.



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