68-year-old fibreglass swimming pool builder, Glenn Hardman has left his two adult children and wife in the lobby of his local cinema to quickly go and get the car ready, it has been confirmed.

Without saying anything about the film they just watched, Glenn whispers ‘I’ll meet you in the car park, I think your mother wants to go shopping’ – before making a dash for the exit.

With the whole family getting together for a family day, Mr Hardman was dragged against his will to see the 2016 award-winning drama ‘Lion’.

This film, which tells the emotional story of an Indian-Australian man’s homecoming to his family village in the subcontinent, was ‘not a bad flick’ – according to Glenn – who refuses to say anything about how the film made affected him emotionally.

Glenn’s family find him half an hour later, his eyes appear bloodshot and moist, he says this heat gives him hay fever.

“The air con in the cinema dries my eyes out and makes them react in a funny way” he says to his family as he turns on the car

“How’d you lot like the film? I thought it was alright… (hiccup)”

Glenn’s eyes well up as he indicates left out of the cinema car park.

“….That poor bloody kid [hystercial tears]”


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