“Jee! I don’t remember it being this hot last year” says neighbour Brenda Harmer (65).

“I’ll tell you what, make sure those dogs of yours get enough water”

“I’ve just been in and out of the pool allll day”

Like many annoying neighbours around the country, Brenda has been making the most of this hot weather by talking about it with every single person that comes within 50 cm of her fence line.

“You don’t have air con do you?” she says to a share-house of three girls and 2 men.

“No” replies Brenda’s neighbour, Sally.

Brenda says she couldn’t imagine getting through today without air-con, but if Sally has the chance she would love to talk to her about something that isn’t much of an issue but she’ll bring it up while she has her there. The gum tree down the back of Sally’s place has been getting knocked around by the wind recently and she’s not pointing any fingers but she thinks a lot of the leaves have ended up in her swimming pool, and she’s realises that Sally is ‘only’ a renter, but she would love if she could do something about it because she’s sure the owner won’t mind.

“Any way, it’s too hot outside. I’ll speak to you later about the tree”

“And hey you guys, last night was a bit loud. keep it down”


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