Young Irishman, Connor Murphy (20) has reportedly started another new, high paying job in construction despite having no qualifications and no legal right to work in Australia.

“Yeah, really happy with this result, I’ve never actually used an excavator before so this should be a laugh”. Connor said.

Connor, Originally from county Mayo, Ireland, hasn’t been sober since early 2020 when he arrived in Australia. Miraculously Connor has had a long list of high paying jobs in construction through his connections in the secretive Irish-Australian construction community.

“Yeah the boys have helped me out a lot, I see these German and British lads running around the city handing out resumes and getting their paperwork togethe, I feel bad for them honestly.”​​

“The lads were even able to get me girlfriend, and then get her a job too, how good is that!”

The girlfriend, Siobahn O’Malley (20), has been a traffic girl for the last 6 months, reportedly earning $55 an hour despite being a trained hair and make-up artist back home and never even having a job working outdoors before.

“Yeah it’s great really, stand around and make more than I ever could back home, get a tan and have a laugh with these eejit Australian road workers. They’re good craic” Siobahn stated. 

When asked if he is worried about breaking visa laws, Connor said. “Well when you think about it, i’m never coming back here, it’s so bloody far, so I may as well make the most of it. I know one bloke who’s been here for 20 years completely off the books, he doesn’t even sound Irish anymore”.

The Betoota Advocate reporters can now confirm that Connor (20) will be taking home a whopping $98,000 for a job even Connor can’t really describe.

“So like, I think they got me on the excavator in the morning, then I think i’m really just on look out for any safety inspectors, maybe a few chippo runs if someone starts asking questions on site”.

More to come.


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