Toulouse native, Jean Laurent (23),  rushed to emergency shortly after arriving in Australia to start his working holiday.

As a Frenchman, the first thing Jean wanted to do when he landed was to light a cigarette after a long flight, but after realising that he smoked them all in Singapore he quickly made his way into the city to find the nearest tobacconist.

Moments after Jean’s arrival, witnesses say they saw a man faint just outside a Roma Hills tobacconist.

“Yeah, he’s definitely French, he was really dramatic about it all.” said one witness.

“To be honest I thought he was mime or something, I’ve never seen someone collapse like that. It was like he was taking a dive in soccer”

Jean says back in Toulouse he had been told by Aussies on gap year that cigarette prices might surprise him.

“Every time I would meet an Australian the first zhing zhey would tell me is zhat the cigarettes in Europe are so much cheaper. Zhat is when I knew there might be a big surprise when I arrive in Australia”.

 It was a tense situation from the hospital as Jean then started calling for some sort of protest or demonstration to lower the price of cigarettes. 

“Zhis is joost crazy man! how did zhi citzens allow zhis to ‘appen! why did zhey not protest zhis! It is an attack on zhi working people of Australia!”.

Jean suffered a serious concussion but luckily, was cared for by the man working at the tobacconist.

“I was really shocked by it all.” said tobacconist, Ahmed Saleh (31).

I think he thought I was joking when I told him our cheapest pack of cigarettes was $43. When I told him I wasn’t joking he just turned white and stormed out, he fainted just outside”

This follows another situation last month when a young French girl was arrested after refusing to put out her cigarette at a Roma Hills cafe.

Despite furious calls for violent civil unrest by the working French people of Australia, doctors say Jean will make a speedy recovery and get to his hostel in no time.


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