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A local woman who finds it hard to hide when she’s bored has today resorted to fidgeting with items within her immediate vicinity, which is pretty much the exact same thing a toddler does when they’re not interested in answering their parent’s annoying questions.

Ivy Mosman, who deeply suspects she has ADHD but can’t afford the $2000 assessment, is said to have been 30 minutes deep into her least favourite type of conversation (a serious one) when she was struck with the inextricable urge to either fidget with something or ram her head into a wall.

Spotting a champagne wire cage (muselet) on the table, Ivy was able to continue pretending to be invested in the conversation by offering up the occasional comment, all the while trying to work out how to unravel the twisted pieces of wire.

“Hmm yep agree”, Ivy said, finding herself so invested in The Wire, she almost became a forty year old bloke, “that’s rough.”

“Hmm yeah that’s shit.”

“I feel you.”

More to come.


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