Traditionally set in 1980s Colombia, or following violent Mexican cartel wars, the creators of hit show ‘Narcos’ have decided to take the show to suburban Australia for season 4. 

“We really think this is a forgotten story,” said one producer.

“The Australian vape industry is a mysterious multi billion dollar chess game being played out from shipping entry ports all the way to local convenience stores. Best part is, no one even knows what is and isn’t illegal, not even the police”.

Some critics say the move to Australia could make for a dull story line, but the show is confident that it can keep the same dangerous energy that previous seasons had.

“Have you ever even seen a vape addict that hasn’t been able to have a hit that day? it’s worse than anything we’ve ever shown in previous seasons, we are really pushing the envelope with season 4”.

With the federal government deciding to ban the product like 3 times now, many thought an underground black market would develop, but nothing has really changed.

Local vape enjoyer, Lucy Mercer (25) was asked about her thoughts on the vape ban and the show’s move down under.

“Yeah it’s kind’ve cool I guess, my ex was obsessed with that show. Aren’t vapes legal though? I thought the government backed out of banning them? or did they just say you can’t sell them? Honestly, I really can’t keep up with the legal status of vapes anymore. I’ll just go back to illegally imported cigarettes from Chinatown if they do actually get rid of them”.

It’s still not yet known how prestigious brands like i-GET, HQD and Gunnpod will be portrayed in the show, but no one even knows who owns these companies – or what country they are produced out of – so Netflix showrunners are confident they will be safe from any legal backlash.  

“Some serious power plays in the vape market are being made everyday by these companies and we want to capture these risky and sometimes dangerous moves in season 4”. 

“Like, what’s even in them? Cigarette companies have been trying to make nicotine taste that good for 300 years and the best they could come up with is menthol”

“And even that kills your sperm… So fucks me what the guava flavoured nail polish is doing to us”

More to come.


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